Respect is at the heart of our person-centred approach and we take pride in maintaining residents’ dignity in the ways which are most important to them.

Carers are sensitive to individual needs and find creative ways to converse with people whose speech is limited. Personal preferences are always taken into consideration when planning care and acted upon whenever possible in its delivery.

Encouraging enjoyment of food and adequate intake of fluids is a top priority. Our resident chef oversees the daily preparation of high class, nutritious cuisine tailored to special diets and individual preferences.  Creative flair goes into the presentation of individual dishes to ensure that home puréed meals appear every bit as appetising as choices from the regular menu.

We also place great emphasis on the importance of personal grooming. Our in-house laundry team ensures that clothes are properly cared for and returned to residents’ wardrobes on hangers or neatly folded. The home has its own hair salon where appointments can be booked with experienced stylists. Residents can also enjoy manicures and other treatments with our beauty therapists.

The Alban Manor Nursing Home’s layout, furnishings and facilities combine luxury with practicality. Specialist nursing accessories are provided in line with individual needs and the utmost care is taken with personal hygiene and the cleanliness of individual rooms, shared areas and equipment.

End of life care

Ensuring that people live well until life ends is a fundamental part of a nursing home’s role. It is a privilege to be entrusted with the care of loved ones in their final days and staff are given the skills and confidence to help residents make sensitive decisions. Compassion, discretion, dignity and kindness remain paramount and we do all we can to enable individuals to achieve things which are important to them before they die. 

Alban Manor Nursing Home

2 Chene Drive, off Waverley Road,
St Albans. Herts. AL3 5QP

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